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We’re well aware how time-consuming running a business is. That’s why over the past 24 years we’ve been constantly improving our services, so you won’t have to worry about the cleaning. 

Our cleaners are working tirelessly to live up to the trust given to us by offices, restaurants, pubs, shops and schools all over London, and outside M25.  

We've earned our trust in the industry

Since 2000, we’ve been developing a network of skilful Eastern-European cleaners that are experienced in providing commercial cleaning services. 

The cleaners pride themselves in creating spaces that will look smart and orderly for both your employees and your customers. 

Our business’ number one priority is to adhere to safety guidelines which is why we’re trained in COSHH, H&S and all our cleaners are vetted.  

We only hire the best of the best!

Our clients find that their constant cleaners exceed their expectations. 

The well-versed cleaners are familiar with the care required to keep the place spotless, with our supervision. Just tell us your cleaning preferences and leave the rest to them! 

The experienced team of cleaners are proficient in using professional cleaning machines that will guarantee you a flawless finish.  


Yes! These cleaners will know off by heart your specific cleaning requirements and guidelines for your place. 

Compared to other cleaning companies, our hourly cleaning rates are affordable, starting at just £16.75.

Call us at 07949165821 for a free quota. 

Simply inform us and we will start allocating a more suitable cleaner for your specific needs right away.  

Our company is happy to contribute to another business’ green journey. Just ask and we’ll provide them. 

Not only can we provide you with the cleaning equipment, we can also be your supplier of consumables such as:

  • toilet paper,
  • kitchen towels,
  • coffee pods. 

To ensure our cleaners are trustworthy, our recruitment process is rigorous.

Conducting interviews, verifying identification documents and references makes up just part of the process.  

Whilst it varies, typically our small offices containing a few desks, are cleaned twice or three times a week.

Our large offices, with kitchens and several toilets, usually want two or more cleaners, five days a week. 

We will provide you with cleaners who have other clients in your area.

Our commercial clients are all over London and outside of M25. 

Looking for cleaners? Look no further!

Call us Monday to Sunday, 9am to 9pm at: 07949165821

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