The benefits you gain:

  • More than 20 years of industry experience
  • At your service both weekdays and weekends
  • Act in accordance with H&S and COSHH
  • Vetted cleaners
  • Charges from just £15.75 an hour

Customised services:

Constant cleaners will be provided for you. Whilst being monitored closely by one of us, your cleaners will accommodate your particular business requirements. Our conscientious group of Eastern-European cleaners are skilled and are able to clean small and large offices alike. They’re aware of the care it takes to manage the cleanliness of your office. That’s why they use professional machines for cleaning.

We recognise that each business has distinct requirements from us- those will be written for you on a cleaning rota. Some of the periodic services our customers want from us are:

  • Window clean fully
  • Stains from carpets washed
  • Glass partition walls cleaned top to bottom
  • Fridge deep-clean every week; disposing expired meals
  • Polishing of the floor

Supplier of consumables:

When your consumables are almost used up, we can quickly provide you them. We know that you have a lot on your plate. Our business has the capacity to supply you with toilet paper, kitchen towels, bin liners etc. No more need to agonise over the empty toilet paper roll! Allow us to help you and take some load off your plate.

Pro’s of working with us:

We guarantee you a neat and orderly area of work, looking smart for both customers and your workers too. Look forward to seeing all the workstations and floors to be shiny and dazzling, simply let us do our magic. You might just see more people staying after office hours to relax in your brand-new spotless office.

We challenge you to find a cleaning firm, better than us! No one can beat us when it comes to skill and experience.

Con’s of working with us:

There are none!

Let us adjust our schedule to one that suits you best. Be it cleaning on a daily, weekly or fortnightly basis, we’ve got you covered. Contact us Monday to Sunday, at 07949165821 for a quote free of charge.