Seeking regular office cleaners in City of London? Consider you have found them! Our professional team of Eastern-European cleaners is up to date with all current practices and guidelines for commercial clients. See below why to give us a try.

Our custom-made services:

We will provide you with the samecleaners every day. Our dedicated team of trained and vetted Eastern-European operatives are confident in any kinds of business environments, whether it’s a multi storey 20,000 sq. foot office, or a double room with three desks. With a custom-made cleaning rota, our team will smoothly make it a simply immaculate workplace!

How about adding a full window clean? Do you have carpets that need a spot clean or proper wash? When were your glass partition walls thoroughly cleaned top to bottom last time? Call us for a free, no obligation quote, we will advice you on all aspects of your cleanliness needs. Please leave it with us, we have been doing it for nearly 20 years!

Pluses and minuses of hiring us for you office in the City of London?:

Obviously – there are no minuses.


  • Same cleaners every day
  • Save money and improve cleanliness
  • We could do small maintenance jobs for you
  • Want to discuss something? We could even come over the same day
  • We check the standard of cleaning in City of London on a regular basis
  • We will never let you down, whether there are severe tube delays, or proper strike

Even more reasons to hire us:

  • Available 7 days a week
  • Hourly rate from just £15.75
  • Trustworthy, reliable, discrete
  • Experts in H&S and COSHH regulations
  • Trained and vetted cleaning operatives
  • Based in London, just a phone call away


We can provide you with consumables. Let’s make a list of what you need, we will take care of sourcing quality stuff at reasonable price, deliver it and restock. We know how busy you are, it should save you a lot of time, and some money as well. No more disaster of running out of toilet paper, happy days!


Whether you want us for a daily or weekly clean; we will adjust to your needs. For a free quote, give us a call any day of the week, until late.