We know that every organisation has different needs. Our cleaning company aims to be as flexible as possible to maximise the satisfaction you will gain from our service. If you are looking for experienced cleaners to clean your office in Canary Wharf, continue reading to find out more about what we can offer you.

Why us:

  • Rate from only £15.75
  • Twenty years in cleaning business in London
  • We are really dedicated, working 7 days a week until late!
  • Trained and vetted cleaning operatives, the same every day
  • H&S and COSHH – do our competitors even know what these stand for?

Let’s take it step by step:

Step 1: We will work with you to prepare a detailed cleaning rota

Step 2: Find cleaning operatives that will work at your workplace

Step 3: Train them based on your cleaning rota

Step 4: Follow up / monitor for several days

Step 5: Once they are settled, check their performance on regular bases

Services we want you to take for granted:

  • Spot clean carpets
  • Periodic window cleaning inside
  • Full clean of glass partition walls
  • Weekly fridge discard of out-of-date food and clean it inside out,
  • Weekly scrub and polish hard floors

Save time by passing on us ordering the consumables:

Has it ever happened you run out of toilet paper? Or it was a near miss? No more such disaster to occur, we could order certain consumables and restock when they are running low. Leave it with us, let us lessen your burden.

Pros and cons of working with our office cleaners in Canary Wharf:

Well, there are no cons. Pros: Not only will we improve your office cleanliness, we will also save you some money – it’s a win win, is it not? Keyboards, monitors, kitchenette, everything will be immaculate clean! Please do not appreciate nice and smelly toilets, they will be hundred percent as well.


Whether you would like ten cleaners per day, every day, or just one a fortnight – let us know, we will work something out. Call us for a free quote!