Why not to make your office as pretty as Chelsea Flower Show? By making your workplace sparkling clean, it will be as nice! We are just around a corner, give as a call!

Why to give as a call?

  • Because our cleaners are vetted and trained
  • We follow H&S and COSHH regulations
  • We have nearly 20 years of experience
  • We charge rates from just £15.75
  • We are available 7 days a week

Pros and cons of working with us:

Obviously – there are not any cons!

Pros – Clean and tidy workspace that not only looks good for you clients, but for your team and you as well – and this is what we do best! At the end of our shift, your office will have that immaculate look! Your desks, monitors, floors and toilets will be sparkling clean. Also, in such spotless environment, your employees will be more productive, and your customers happy they have visited you in person.

Why not save few quid on cleaning, improving the cleanliness at the same time? Sounds good, does it not? Why not to give us a try?!

Customised services:

You will be assigned the same cleaning operatives every day. They will work in close co-operation with you to suit your business-specific needs. Our cleaners know how to look after all areas of the workplace. It does matter if they use professional cleaning machines, or sponge and broom. Our dedicated team of Eastern-European cleaners are fully vetted and trained in cleaning any size of offices. Couple of desks, or couple of hundred – no problem.

We will provide you with a detailed, customised cleaning rota that suits exactly your office’s needs. We know that every organisation has different requirements, we will listen to you and do it your way. Obviously our two decades of experience in this business will certainly help!

Here is a list of some periodic cleaning services our clients ask for, on the top of the basic ones:

  • Full window clean
  • Spot clean carpets
  • Polishing floors with pro machines
  • Glass partition walls clean full clean
  • Weekly fridge deep clean, discarding out of date food


If you would like, we could supply you with consumables as well. We know how busy you are, let us take over and lesson your burden. Whether it is toilet paper, hand soap, bin liners, or whatever else you may need, we will order them, organise, and restock whenever necessary!


If you need cleaning operatives on a daily, weekly or fortnightly basis – give us a call and we will work something out for you. Get in touch seven days a week, until late, for a free quote.